SaaS Data Risk Trojan Horse

SaaS Data Risk Management – todays trojan horse

Could you control a trojan horse stampeding across your cloud hosted SaaS Apps? Do you have the right SaaS Data Risk Management in place?

By themselves – the widespread adoption of SaaS Cloud Apps across an organisation introduces many risks to your organisations data.

However, the use of SaaS mixed with a trojan horse fraudster presents a nightmare scenario.

Sounds like fantasy?

Not to the police in Ireland it doesn’t.

The Irish Times has described what the national police service of Ireland is now seeing. The fact that more insider facilitated robberies now “going digital”.

The article describes how recruiters working for fraud gangs are targeting college campuses.

This risk increases significantly where SaaS Cloud App usage is widespread.

End-users often introduce SaaS Apps into an organisation. This means that internal IT teams may not even be aware of what data has been uploaded to where.

Where a trojan horse is then allowed “inside your walls”, SaaS makes facilitating illegal access to your data much easier.

Even worse, where a data breach is discovered, its imperative to understand what what Apps are in use. Without this knowledge the “hidden warriors” could compromise your data on a long term basis. All without the knowledge of your IT team.

Unfortunately, its nearly impossible to spot a trojan horse user before they bolt across your SaaS Cloud.

But, are you ready to catch them when they do?

Mitigating risk through governance of saas cloud applications

Using the Ampliphae SaaSGuard platform, your organisation can be ready to respond a trojan horse fraud.

Ampliphae SaaSGuard will allowed your IT and Governance teams to use SaaS Data Risk Management techniques to:

  • Be aware of what SaaS Cloud Apps are in use by staff and why.
  • Understand what type of data was upload – allowing you to prioritise monitoring and checks on the most critical data
  • Form a view of irregular usage patterns – such as excessive downloads, which could be a marker for a data breach
  • Understand Apps bypass protection mechanisms (such as corporate Single Sign-on).

All the above will put your organisation in a much better position to handle an attack when it does occur.

The Ireland Central Statistics Office (CSO) shows a recent surge in fraud of some 40%. Ireland sit in the top quartile of countries in the Global Network Readiness Index 2020. This means that the surge we are seeing in Ireland is likely a global phenomenon.

Its highly likely that this increase will combine with the recent global surge in SaaS Cloud App usage. The combination may create a perfect storm for such fraud scenarios in coming months.

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