Ampliphae was founded by Trevor and Tim with a vision to help every organisation maximise the benefits of Cloud.

Having spent two decades working on the systems that support the Internet at organisations like BT, Nortel Networks, IBM and Intelliden, we saw huge potential for Cloud to change how enterprise software is developed and delivered.

The primary way most organisations will use Cloud is through SaaS applications – where the application provider plays a central role. With SaaS, you don’t directly touch the Cloud, instead your people put your data into someone else’s Cloud – so you lose a degree of control and with that comes risk.

Having built telco-grade products used to manage some of the world’s largest global networks, the Ampliphae team DNA is laser-focussed on creating robust, reliable products that solve hard technical challenges. Our products collect reliable data at scale from across the IT infrastructure, allowing our customers to take the guesswork out of managing SaaS. We allow organisations to achieve the maximum benefit from SaaS by actively managing their entire SaaS estate.

Trevor Graham and Tim Croy