Discovery, Control, and Compliance for SaaS Applications

Take back control of the cloud. Quickly find all the SaaS applications in use on your network, monitor adoption rates, see who is using what service, and — where necessary — migrate users from non-compliant services to approved ones.

Ampliphae gives you an easy-to-deploy, sophisticated and affordable cloud-discovery, security and compliance platform. Find shadow applications, stop SaaS costs escalating out of control, and minimise data-compliance risks — with Ampliphae.

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Cloud Access Security, Cloud Management Cloud Transition

Discover Shadow IT on Your Network

With easy-to-deploy technology, you can quickly discover which SaaS services — such as cloud-CRMs, marketing automation services or file-sharing apps — are in use on your network, and who is using them.
Monitor usage to see instantly if more users are signing up. And with Ampliphae's continuously updated cloud database, you can check at a glance the risks and benefits associated with each service discovered.

Cloud Access Security, Cloud Management Cloud Transition

Understand SaaS Costs and Compliance

Spot compliance problems faster. See at a glance any business and legal risks associated with each cloud service discovered. And because you can monitor usage trends in real time, you can control uptake before your business incurs unplanned licensing fees.

Cloud Access Security, Cloud Management Cloud Transition

Control Cloud Costs and Usage

Easily specify whitelist or blacklist cloud policies for your whole network. Create automated emails, sent to every user who signs up for a new cloud service, reminding them of company policies. Generate regular, detailed cloud usage reports.