Encryption Intelligence

Ampliphae Encryption Intelligence enables you to gain complete visibility into all encryption technologies deployed across the organisation.

InventoryBy providing a comprehensive view of encryption across the organization, Encryption Intelligence helps to eliminate blind spots and proactively identify areas that require attention. 

Eliminate Weak Points: With Encryption Inelligence, quickly identify where encryption is weak and vulnerable to attack, so you can take prompt action to strengthen security posture. 

Improve Security: Improve overall security and reduce the risk of data breaches and other cyber threats. 

Ensure encryption technology is up-to-date and effective so that your sensitive data is protected

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of IoT network traffic is  unencrypted


of websites still support TLS 1.0 or TLS 1.1


of Cloud application traffic crosses national borders

The Quantum Threat

Quantum computers will render current encryption schemes obsolete, putting sensitive data at risk.

Security analysts are scrambling to find solutions to this unprecedented threat, searching for new ways of protecting sensitive data that are not vulnerable to quantum computers.

Ampliphae Encryption Intelligence encryption analytics helps you locate weak encryption schemes that are vulnerable to Quantum Attack before your data is compromised.

Can you identify....


Do you know every party in your data and application supply chain?


Do you know where in the world all your critical application traffic goes?


Do you know which applications use sub-standard encryption?

Automatically build a trusted Encryption Inventory


New applications and vendor connections as they are used.


How your application data is protected through detailed traffic analysis.


Uncover all the weak encryption schemes in use across the organisation


Understand which insecure applications are used to support your business – and address the risks

Automatically identify applications with specific vulnerabilities


Identify SaaS and in-house applications which contain critical data


Find applications that are exposed to known cyber security vulnerabilities 


Identify the  security and compliance implications of communication vulnerabilities


Address vulnerabilities through technical and commercial mitigations

Automatically assess the security capabilities of your supply chain


Build an inventory of all the SaaS that your existing processes don’t know about.


Understand where in the world the SaaS vendor processes your data


Decide whether the security protections and certifications used by a vendor are sufficient


Prevent your people putting themselves and your data at risk by accessing insecure applications