Ampliphae, HPE Athonet and Arqit deliver Quantum-Safe Private 5G

We are incredibly proud to finally take the wraps off our latest project, SEViN-5G !

Ampliphae is pleased to announce the successful completion of the SEViN-5G project carried out in collaboration with Arqit and HPE-Athonet, supported by Innovate UK. The SEViN-5G project has delivered quantum-safe, fully monitored Private 5G which will make advanced cellular communications available for use in the most secure and sensitive deployments.  

Private enterprise networks based on 5G cellular technology are already accelerating digital transformation across industries including manufacturing, healthcare, defence and smart cities. Private 5G gives enterprises access to high-speed, massively scalable, and ultra-reliable wireless connectivity, allowing them to implement innovative IoT and mobile solutions that enhance productivity, drive automation and improve customer engagement.

With the addition of Ampliphae’s security and encryption monitoring, and Arqit’s world-leading quantum-safe encryption, organisations can exploit the benefits of Private 5G, with confidence that their sensitive information and critical control systems are safe from eavesdropping and disruption. 

Read the full press release here.  And if you would like to arrange a demo of quantum-safe Private 5G, contact us