Ampliphae wins at the GLOMO’s !!

We are delighted to announce that Ampliphae has won TWO prestigious GLOMO awards at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona!

The GSMA judging panel honoured our industry-leading Encryption Intelligence product with the Best Mobile Security Solution award for our project to deliver the world’s first quantum-safe Private 5G network. This collaborative project, led by Ampliphae and supported by Innovate UK, leveraged the quantum-safe encryption capabilities of Arqit and Private 5G network technology from Athonet (now an HPE acquisition). 

The project delivered a complete Private 5G infrastructure, deployed in Central London with a virtualised Cloud-hosted mobile core. The deployment is completely quantum-safe and continuously monitored for security intrusion and compromise. 

Data encryption secures our digital lives, from social media to critical national infrastructure to e-commerce and banking – ensuring privacy even if data is intercepted. However, the advent of quantum computing challenges this security, threatening to break current encryption methods. Experts have long warned of quantum computers’ potential to decrypt data, a threat becoming increasingly realistic with advances in technology and increasing investment. The race isn’t just against time but against inevitable ‘harvest now, decrypt later’ strategies by sophisticated attackers. Proactively identifying and protecting at-risk data is crucial, as reliance on existing encryption leaves limited defense against future quantum decryption capabilities.

The GSMA judging panel shared our viewpoint that this is one of the largest-scale and most urgent threats facing the telecoms industry today. The panel, consisting of 20 CTOs from global mobile telecoms operators, also selected Ampliphae’s project for the CTO Choice Award, the overall award for the Mobile Technology category. 

Ampliphae’s deep technology in packet-level network analysis, using models and know-how built up over many years protecting telecoms and cloud networks, allows us to effectively address the encryption threat. Our Encryption Intelligence product allows an organisation to build a complete and continuously updated inventory of encryption usage across the whole business. Armed with that knowledge, the business can build mitigation plans and address the quantum threat effectively.  

Ampliphae Encryption Intelligence: take control of encryption risks, get ahead of the quantum threat , and build an effective plan to address encryption across the business.