Active SSO

Manage SaaS risk, Ampliphae & TraitWare introduce Active SSO

Ampliphae is a market leader in helping customers manage SaaS risk.

Gartner predicts almost 50% of Enterprise IT spend will be in the cloud by 2026.

The greatest portion of this will be on Software as a Service, or SaaS Cloud Applications.

Traitware is a market leader in the provision of Secure Passwordless MFATM.

Experience has shown TraitWare that how SaaS Apps behave can seriously restrict the protection offered by Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

Put simply, SaaS Cloud Apps don’t always follow the rules a security administrator would like.

Apps may be able to use their own credentials for user authentication for a variety of reasons.

This allows your users to bypass MFA.

This reduces visibility of data usage.

This introduces excessive risk when using SaaS.

Recognising this problem, Traitware and Ampliphae have partnered to provide Active SSO.

What Active SSO Offers

Until now, SSO platforms have used simple passive authentication.

This means they rely on the client application choosing to authenticate a user via SSO.

This is something that SSO platforms cannot always enforce, and may be unaware of.

Active SSO closes this loophole, through automated monitoring and control.

Active SSO looks at how all users are actually being authenticated

Active SSO sees where its not used.

ABC warns administrators where it can and should be active.

This provides 360-degree protection to Traitware’s customers.

Active SSO will allow customers to ensure that all SaaS Cloud Apps used by their organization employ Passwordless MFA and SSO combined.

As a result organizations can better manage SaaS risk, including cybersecurity threats.

How it works

Active SSO combines Ampliphae’s SaaSGuard technology and TraitWare’s Real Passwordless MFA™ access.

Together they will automatically detect SaaS Apps that are:

  • Not configured to use Traitware MFA
  • Do not yet support Traitware MFA
  • Allowing users to bypass Traitware MFA

Active SSO will reduce the cost of manual checks needed to prevent the bypass of SSO.

Active SSO will allow customers to maximize return on their Traitware investment.

“We’re thrilled to be able to arm our customers with a clearer view of how applications are being used,” said TraitWare CEO, Heath Spencer. “Active SSO is what companies need today for greater access control, and to better protect them from ransomware and other threats vectored via their enterprise SaaS Apps.”

“Knowing where you are exposed is always better,” says Trevor Graham, CEO of Ampliphae.  “As Enterprise IT transitions to SaaS Cloud Apps, we are seeing more and more customers who don’t fully understand what SaaS their own customers are actually using.  By choosing Active SSO, Traitware customers can be sure that their investment in MFA is really protecting their data stored in the Cloud.”

Ampliphae and Traitware

Ampliphae is the leading provider of SaaS Risk Management solutions via its SaaSGuard portfolio of products and services.

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TraitWare provides Simple Secure Enterprise Login with Real Passwordless MFA™ and SSO combined for True Zero Trust Access™ to company digital assets.

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