Ampliphae RisxXChange Partnership

Ampliphae and RiskXchange provide insight into SaaS risk

Today, the third-party supply chain has a huge digital element. SaaS Cloud Apps are now a part, or even the complete offering of many suppliers. This represents a major increase in the cybersecurity attack surface that an organisation presents to malicious actors. Many organisations do not have sufficient insight into their SaaS risk .

To help customers gain greater insight into the risks from SaaS in their supply chain, Ampliphae announces a new strategic partnership. This partnership is with RiskXchange, a leading provider of cybersecurity risk scoring.

What the Partnership Offers

Ampliphae has enhanced its SaaSGuard platform to present cybersecurity risk scoring.

Ampliphae customers will be able to access RiskXChange cyber risk scores directly within the SaaSGuard platform, adding a valuable additional data source to help assess the suitability of SaaS applications.

RiskXchange subscribers will be able to initiate timely cybersecurity monitoring of third-party SaaS Cloud Apps, secure in the knowledge that all of their SaaS supply chain is being monitored.

Together, Ampliphae and RiskXchange will provide customers with a deeper insight into the cyber risk associated with SaaS. This will allow safer use of SaaS Cloud Apps in the supply chain. As a result, customers will enjoy a safer environment in which to innovate.

Ampliphae and RiskXchange share a vision – to enable safer use of SaaS in the supply chain. This will provide a better environment for customers to innovate through the use of cloud apps. To realise this vision Ampliphae and RiskXchange will provide customers with a deeper insight into the cyber risk associated with SaaS.

How it works

Ampliphae and RiskXchange each provide a unique viewpoint on Supply Chain Risk:

  • Ampliphae’s SaaSGuard platform provides a complete view of all the SaaS Cloud Apps used by an organisation.
  • The RiskXchange platform provides continuous cybersecurity monitoring and cyber risk scoring of SaaS vendors.

By automatically combining these views, customers will benefit from deeper insight into the cybersecurity risks of the SaaS they are using in their supply chain.

More insight is always better” explains Trevor Graham, CEO of Ampliphae.

Our SaaSGuard platform already provides a complete view of all the SaaS your organisation is using and why they are using it. However, we recognise that many other best-of-breed external data sources exist. This data can considerably enhance the value SaaSGuard offers. We are always keen to provide our customers with even greater insight into the SaaS Cloud Apps their users are adopting. RiskXchange cyber risk scoring is a clear example of how we can provide that insight

“We are delighted to be working with Ampliphae as a strategic integration partner”, says Darren Criag, CEO of RiskXchange.

“One of the challenges when looking at Cyber Risk is getting visibility into not only Third-Party suppliers but also technology providers, to help with the on-going challenge of building Cyber resiliency and reducing Cyber risk. It is a challenge for most organisations to have a clear picture of their technology landscape, including all SaaS software solutions being used across their enterprise, and the risk associated with their use. This strategic partnership with Ampliphae provides our joint customers with a fully integrated solution that enables discovery, visibility and identification of cyber risks on a continual basis, allowing for focused discussion and decision making around the use of technology providers and the risk impact across the supply chain.”

Ampliphae and RiskXchange

Ampliphae is the leading provider of SaaS Risk Management solutions via its SaaSGuard portfolio of products and services.

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RiskXchange is a leading provider of cybersecurity risk scoring. RiskXchange was selected as Security Solution of the Year at the 2021 IT Europa European IT and Software Excellence Awards.

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