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SaaS Discovery

Help to discover and manage cloud-based shadow IT in support of SAM, ITAM or risk management

Data Governance

Help to ensure your approach to data governance is not jeopardised by SaaS adoption.

Privacy Compliance

Help to ensure your compliance with privacy legislation is not jeopardised by SaaS adoption.

Asset Management

Help to ensure your approach to SAM is not jeopardised by SaaS adoption.

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You can use SaaSGuard to reduce risk and ensure a positive return on your investment in SaaS

SaaS Assess

We can assess how you are using of SaaS and help optimize your approach for your team

The SaaS Dilemma

Making effective use of SaaS is vital to the future success of your enterprise.  But with SaaS comes a dilemma.

Your users love SaaS and are already adopting it for the benefits it brings.  But could they be focused on maximizing benefits whilst ignoring the latent risks?

Are you taking this problem seriously?

SaaS Penetration

SaaS offers a different way to adopt software.  But that also means your IT team is not in control of the SaaS your users are adopting.

SaaS needs to be managed differently.  This starts with understanding how SaaS is spreading through your organisation.

To understand why this is important – watch our video on SaaS Penetration.

SaaS Balance

SaaS may already be critical to how you do business every day.

But SaaS presents a very different type of risk – you are no longer in direct control of your applications and data.

Do you know how to maintain SaaS Balance and ensure the benefits outweigh the risks?

Watch our video on SaaS Balance to learn more.

The SaaS Decision

SaaS is driving innovation at an unprecedented rate. The amount of SaaS penetrating your organisation will increase exponentially.

Does your team have the resources required to maintain good SaaS Balance?

Have you already been forced to decide between accepting risk or missing out on innovation?

Watch our video to understand a better option.

Force multiplier

To take SaaS adoption seriously, you need complete control of every SaaS Application.

Not just the SaaS purchased centrally, but all the SaaS your users adopt.

You need a force multiplier for your governance team.

You need automation and collaboration tools that take a different approach.

Watch our video to learn more.

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