11 innovative UK companies addressing the biggest industry challenges in cybersecurity

London, 14th February 2019 – Ampliphae, an innovative provider of SaaS Risk Management solutions, has been selected to join the second cohort of LORCA (London Office for Rapid Cybersecurity Advancement), following a rigorous UK-wide selection process. LORCA, based in the Plexal centre in London, was established to support the most promising cybersecurity innovators in scaling and growing solutions to meet industry’s biggest challenges, while building the UK’s international cybersecurity profile. It is a joint collaboration between Plexal, the Centre for Security Information Technologies (CSIT) and Deloitte, and is funded by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport.

The second LORCA cohort will focus on two main cybersecurity themes: securing supply chains and user-centric security. Ampliphae addresses these issues by allowing enterprises to discover, understand and control all of the externally-supplied Cloud Services and SaaS applications in use across the organisation, enabling businesses to manage the cybersecurity, data governance and business continuity risks associated with SaaS usage. It also empowers end users to become the first line of defence in safeguarding the business, through real-time alerts relating to risky behaviours and coaching on safe practices as they consume SaaS services in the workplace.

Lydia Ragoonanan, LORCA’s Director, said: “We’re delighted to welcome Ampliphae as one of the 11 members of the second LORCA cohort. Each of our members has genuinely promising solutions to the biggest industry challenges in cybersecurity. Ampliphae’s solution addresses the risks associated with the rapidly-growing use of SaaS and cloud services across organisations of all sizes. At LORCA we work closely with industry and have selected Ampliphae to be part of LORCA because of the industry’s enthusiasm about their product and their stage of development. Ampliphae’s solution is a key element within a holistic approach to cybersecurity for any organisation concerned with data loss prevention, securing against attacks such as phishing and maintaining business continuity.”

Tim Croy, CTO of Ampliphae, said: “Having spent the past three years developing Ampliphae’s product offering and securing our initial set of customers, we are now ready to scale the business both within the UK and internationally. Becoming a member of the LORCA programme will bring us closer to our target markets and provide exposure and access to potential clients, as well as providing valuable advice and support as we refine our solution offering. We are especially looking forward to collaborating with the other members of the programme, learning from each other’s insights in the cybersecurity domain, and potentially partnering with member companies that have complementary offerings to our own.”

(Pictured at the beginning of this article are members of the second LORCA Cohort, with Ampliphae CTO Tim Croy 3rd from left)