About Ampliphae

Specialists in cloud discovery, artificial intelligence (AI) and network architecture, Ampliphae has applied machine learning and deep analytics to the task of cloud application discovery and management.

The result is a cloud-control system that's more intelligent, more flexible, and far easier to deploy and use than standard cloud access control brokers.

An introduction from our CEO

Trevor Graham (Chief Executive Officer)

As co-founder and CEO of Ampliphae, Trevor heads a hand-picked team that is developing a leading-edge cloud application management tool designed for SME businesses.

Trevor has significant experience in the network management tools sector, notably at IBM, Intelliden and Nortel Networks. He understands the pressures that CIO's or IT Directors face working with rapid advances in cloud-based technology and bringing compliant commercial solutions to market on time.

Five years ago he predicted the need for a better way to manage SaaS applications on networks and discover cloud-based applications used broadly in many organisations where compliance is more important than ever.

Meeting these needs is the heart and foundation of the Ampliphae solution.

Tim Croy (Chief Technology Officer)

Co-founder and Leading Ampliphae's development team, Tim has a distinguished career developing carrier-grade network management systems for some of the world's largest telecommunications and networking companies.

He has made significant contributions to networking international standards is the author of seven patents, all of which apply to network technologies.

Building on a diverse background in product development and custom solution design, he is focused on creating innovative technologies within Ampliphae, which leverage the new wave of AI, Machine Learning and network programmability of cloud technologies sweeping across the industry.

Nigel Oakley (Business Development Director)

As a senior executive at Ampliphae, Nigel is helping IT Directors at medium and large enterprises, to reduce the risks they face as their organisations embrace cloud computing.

With the insight and wisdom gained over 40 years in the IT, Networking, Infrastructure and Cloud industry, Nigel is ideally placed to make a difference to client businesses.

Many IT Directors he has worked with are surprised to discover just how dispersed their applications and data have become. This lack of visibility has resulted in a critical loss of control of the applications that run the business by the IT organisation. Managing the cloud ecosystem starts with a discovery process to identify the extent of the "apps" inventory. Only then can the IT organisation make policy decisions about which applications are approved and ensure appropriate compliance.

Ampliphae has received support from Invest NI under the European Union's Investment for Growth and Jobs Programme. The project(s), recorded on the ERDF beneficiaries' website, will be implemented over the next 3 years, undertaking research and development activities aimed at improving the competitiveness of the business.

Ampliphae is a member of The Northern Ireland Cyber Security Cluster which promotes international business, innovation and collaboration opportunities. The cluster consists of companies developing world-leading cybersecurity technologies from Northern Ireland, across a diverse range of sectors including finance, banking, insurance, legal, telecoms, threat intelligence, defence, security and healthcare.