Network Security

Your business depends on a critical infrastructure of applications and connectivity that gets more complex every day

  • Applications spread out across the global Cloud
  • IoT devices permeate your organisation and monitor everything
  • SaaS underpins your processes and stores your critical data everywhere

Your people and your devices use dozens of networks and technologies to access your apps and data

This complexity increases cyber security risk

You must know where your data is and how it is protected at every step of its journey


of IoT network traffic is  unencrypted


of websites still support TLS 1.0 


of Cloud application traffic crosses national borders

The need for network encryption analytics

The increasing importance of Cloud means more of your critical sensitive data is carried over insecure public networks. 

Whether you own and operate the Cloud application, or it’s a SaaS application operated by a vendor, you must understand how your data is protected every step of the journey.

Unfortunately not every application can be depended upon to protect your data. The use of sub-optimal encryption or no encryption at all means that your people could be exposing your data through the simple act of using an app. 

The encryption landscape is about to change rapidly and fundamentally, and you need to be prepared to respond.

The threat that quantum computers will render current encryption obsolete is real. 

Organisations from the World Economic Forum to the US Government have highlighted that this is an existential threat to business and society.

But unless you can identify which of your applications and business processes are vulnerable, you can’t mount an effective response.

Do you know how your data is protected in transit?

Your sensitive data will inevitably be carried on insecure networks as it moves from your people to the applications they use. Whether that’s a home broadband network, a coffee shop network, or the Internet, you can’t control every link and fiber. 

You depend on the application security protections to keep your data safe.

Unless you know the geographic location of your data, and the encryption that’s used to keep it safe, you are exposed to risk.

Can you identify....


Do you know every party in your data and application supply chain?


Do you know where in the world all your critical application traffic goes?


Do you know which applications use sub-standard encryption?

Automatically build a trusted Encryption Inventory


New applications and vendor connections as they are used.


How your application data is protected through detailed traffic analysis.


Uncover all the weak encryption schemes in use across the organisation


Understand which insecure applications are used to support your business – and address the risks

Automatically identify applications with specific vulnerabilities


Identify SaaS and in-house applications which contain critical data


Find applications that are exposed to known cyber security vulnerabilities 


Identify the  security and compliance implications of communication vulnerabilities


Address vulnerabilities through technical and commercial mitigations

Automatically assess the security capabilities of your supply chain


Build an inventory of all the SaaS that your existing processes don’t know about.


Understand where in the world the SaaS vendor processes your data


Decide whether the security protections and certifications used by a vendor are sufficient


Prevent your people putting themselves and your data at risk by accessing insecure applications