VISA Network - From Outage to Outrage

VISA Network - From Outage to Outrage

Hopefully, you weren't one of the millions impacted by the VISA outage last week, or were you?

People's payments were rejected across Europe causing wide-scale chaos and embarrassment - not to mention erroneous charges leading to further confusion, upset and customer service nightmares. More than 95% of debit cards in the UK depend on the Visa network but the outage affected others too.

But here's the thing - They knew about the possibility of a large-scale problem and had backup systems and processes in place, but it just didn't work the way it should have.

So that got us could have been worse!

What happens if your company has become dependent on a hidden SaaS or Cloud application which affects your transactions with customers and that has a serious outage (or stops trading or simply has to perform some maintenance tasks) just when you need to rely on it?

And worse, what if you don't know that your company is using that system and don't have the necessary contingency plans? Then what?

Can you imagine being responsible for IT systems and turning up to work the day that happens, trying to slowly drive by the rioting crowds banging on the side of your car outside your office wondering what's going on?

The impact; your brand is severely tarnished, your customer base loses a little faith or a lot of trust, fixing the problem redirects key resources on critical projects and online revenue takes a dive - it all just doesn't bear thinking about does it!

How do you manage systems you can't see or don't know about?

Cloud applications have been empowering for business for some time now. If someone in your company needs a system then no problem, they can get going today, with a quick and easy sign-up - without engaging the IT team.

The advantages are obvious. Many of these services are cheap or even, initially at least, free. They come with little to no set-up overhead. And they're often excellent, offering a quality of service that, just a few years ago, would only have been available with an expensive, premium product.

Cloud services can also be a compliance nightmare, increase your IT spend in a hidden way, create security issues, and your IT department loses control - unless you have the tools to manage them! So perhaps the VISA debacle raises a good question at the right time - before a disaster.

At Ampliphae we have solved this complex puzzle providing a solution that is easy to deploy quickly and now enables companies to discover and control the Cloud applications in use across the business.

We've catalogued over 14,000 of these services - yes there at least that many and there are always more used that you thought there were already being used where you work - typically Enterprises are using between 100 and 1400.

In most cases individuals in the business have signed up for these services ad hoc, often taking something they have been using at home and then virally adopting at work.

If people in the business have signed up for SaaS systems or cloud accounts and then stored corporate information without any governance, then compliance cannot be met. That could be costly, devastating or both.

We've researched a wide range of companies from the Private and Public sector, and in almost all cases the IT departments have confirmed that they have this problem and are avoiding tackling it due to the perceived complexity. Ampliphae believes we can help companies navigate past the complexity and achieve an understanding of the systems in play and regain control.

Our technology monitors the internet connection and uses Artificial Intelligence techniques combined with a comprehensive catalogue, to discover all the cloud applications actually in use - even at an individual user level.

What happens after that I hear you ask? We provide features to enable the business to migrate users from ad-hoc services to ones which are approved.

So get ahead of a possible Visa scale problem - talk to us or try our system for yourself.

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