Ampliphae shortlisted for ITAM Excellence Awards!

Ampliphae shortlisted for ITAM Technology or Service Innovation of the Year We are thrilled to announce that Ampliphae has been shortlisted for the ITAM Review Excellence Awards 2020. Now in it's fifth year, the ITAM Review Excellence…

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Our CEO, Trevor Graham contributed this blog post for NI Cyber, the industry body for cyber-security in Northern Ireland. It's fair to say that the…

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Ampliphae wins a place on Tech Nation Cyber 2.0

Ampliphae, the leading SaaS Management company, have been announced as one of the companies chosen for the Tech Nation Cyber 2.0 program. Tech Nation Cyber 2.0 is the UK's premier scale-up programme for ambitious cyber security companies, designed to accelerate growth for these companies at home and abroad. Backed by the UK Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), the programme offers peer-to-peer…

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Civica Innovation Partnership

Ampliphae was one of six companies shortlisted for the TechMarketView Innovation Partner Programme (TIPP) event held in March in association with Civica Innovation Partners. Civica's aim was to find partners with innovative solutions in the areas of "machine intelligence", including analytics, AI, Automation and Connected Devices. Read the full article at Tech Market Review

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Civica Innovation Partners programme shortlist

Ampliphae shortlisted for Civica Innovation Partners programme, in association with TechMarketView Last week TechMarketView announced the names of the exciting tech SMEs selected by Civica for its Innovation Partners Programme who will be taking part in in the pre-qualification stage of the TechMarketView Innovation Partner Programme. We were in attendance at the 'Civica Innovation Partners day' (15 March, 2019) where we showcased our…

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Ampliphae at LORCA Live

Ampliphae will be taking part in LORCA Live, the invite-only cybersecurity event powered by LORCA: the government-backed cybersecurity programme being delivered by Plexal, Deloitte and the Centre for Secure Information Technologies (CSIT), Queens University Belfast. The event will take place on Thursday, 14th March at the Plexal centre in London. At…

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Ampliphae selected to join LORCA cybersecurity cohort

11 innovative UK companies addressing the biggest industry challenges in cybersecurity London, 14th February 2019 - Ampliphae, an innovative provider of SaaS Risk Management solutions, has been selected to join the second cohort of LORCA (London Office for Rapid Cybersecurity Advancement), following a rigorous UK-wide selection process. LORCA, based in the Plexal centre in London, was established to support the most promising cybersecurity innovators in scaling and…

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Data Loss Prevention: Cloud is the New USB Stick

Trevor Graham & Michael Crossey

For many years companies and government organisations have worried about data loss through uncontrolled use of removable storage, such as USB memory sticks. Some companies, such as IBM, have banned employees from bringing memory sticks into their place of work, others locked down access to USB ports on employee's PCs, and some even resorted to pouring Superglue into the USB port. Nowadays however, the main threat to…

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Five Takeaways for enterprise applications in a cloud-first world

Tim Croy, Ampliphae's Chief Technology Officer

Software as a service (SaaS) and Cloud-based applications have dramatically changed the process and route new applications and services are introduced into the organisation. Traditionally applications were sourced or developed based on a lengthy process which started with part of a business specifying what their requirement was for a system to support their business needs. Project scope and specifications were drawn up and then an application was either sourced or developed in line with considerations for…

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A Wake-up Call from the National Cloud Security Centre

Trevor Graham

We've said it a lot - SaaS is a great thing - access to innovative technology at a price that doesn't require a lengthy discussion about budget…

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VISA Network - From Outage to Outrage

Hopefully, you weren't one of the millions impacted by the VISA outage last week, or were you? People's payments were rejected across Europe causing wide-scale chaos and embarrassment - not to mention erroneous charges leading to further confusion, upset and customer service nightmares. More than 95% of debit cards in the UK depend on the Visa network but the outage affected others too. But…

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Could your cloud migration be hurting your business?

By Tim Croy, CTO, Ampliphae

In business, as in many other areas of life, our decisions often have unexpected consequences. If you live in Europe, you've probably been inundated recently with emails asking you if you wish to carry on receiving communications from this or that company. If you don't answer 'yes', the sender will scrub you from their mailing list. This isn't something they planned to do.…

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