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Ampliphae makes Enterprise communications networks agile, intelligent and flexible, helping organizations migrate their critical business applications to the Cloud quickly and cost-effectively.

Software Defined Networking

Software Defined Networking (SDN) has already begun to revolutionise the way we configure and manage networks from the data centre and the LAN out to fixed and mobile WAN. Centrally-managed direct programming of network flows promises to deliver much more agile and dynamic network services. Traditional human-mediated configuration must give way to automation and analytics in order to fully exploit SDN networks - Ampliphae’s core capabilities in network analytics and network management allow us to classify and identify traffic streams, and automatically manage the network based on business priorities.

Machine Learning and Analytics

Human-mediated network configuration can no longer meet the needs of Cloud and dynamic SDN networks. Ampliphae uses deep data analytics and machine learning to understand the network and automate the configuration process. Networks contain a huge amount of information about the traffic that they carry, but it is very difficult to extract meaning from the vast quantity of data. Ampliphae uses unique statistical algorithms to understand the traffic flows in the network and predict traffic patterns, and machine learning to adaptively automate management of the network.

Network Function Virtualization

Network Function Virtualisation (NFV) reduces costs and accelerates the deployment of network services, by deploying key network functions as virtual appliances running on regular off-the-shelf hardware. Instead of delivering and racking individual physical boxes, NFV leverages private Cloud and automation to stand up network functions in seconds. Virtual network functions simplify operations, stitching together the required network functions for security, monitoring, analysis, etc. into a customer service without any physical deployment – and the deployment can scale automatically to meet changing network demands. Each customer gets their own private network, enabling self-service automation - services are delivered faster with reduced operational cost, and increased customer satisfaction. This shift from static to dynamic networks is a key enabler in the move to Cloud, since network services can be automated and flexed on demand rather than being ordered weeks in advance.

Ampliphae’s analytic-driven network control is a key enabler for NFV, using deep traffic analysis to determine the optimal location for each virtual network function, and automatically routing the network traffic through that function.