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Cloud Application Analytics

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Discovery & understanding of Cloud adoption across businesses with deep insights into network data

The rapid worldwide growth in the use of Cloud/SaaS business applications has led to the emergence of “Shadow IT”, with employees and departments signing up to Cloud services and building ad-hoc business processes with little oversight or control.

Ampliphae continuously and unobtrusively monitors the outbound network traffic from the organisation, using sophisticated statistical and pattern recognition algorithms to identify and understand the use of every Cloud application across the business – down to individual user level.

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Enabling organizations to comply with privacy and sovereignty regulations as data moves to the Cloud

Forthcoming legislation such as GDPR will hold organizations accountable for ensuring they comply with regulations relating to data privacy and data sovereignty. With a growing proportion of an organization’s data being held in the Cloud, having the right governance structures in place becomes an ever-more important, yet increasingly challenging issue for management.

Ampliphae provides managers with comprehensive insights into the applications and types of data being held in the Cloud, and in which jurisdiction, helping them to implement the right controls to ensure regulatory compliance.

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Regaining control and managing access to Cloud/SaaS applications across the organization

Cloud-delivered SaaS applications are critical to organizations, but uncontrolled adoption exposes them to security and regulatory risks as well as higher costs and reduced efficiency. Even for Cloud-delivered services, the IT team remains responsible for business continuity, security and efficient use of IT resources, and so must retain a level of control over the SaaS applications in use.

Ampliphae allows managers to oversee and control the use of SaaS applications and implement proactive policies governing their use, and to automate policy enforcement at the network level and/or via enterprise workflow management.

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