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Is your network ready for the cloud?

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Automating management of the Cloud Network with analytic-driven insights and machine learning

Everything as a Service. Including your Network

Enterprises are increasingly reaping the benefits of the Cloud, with on-demand access to computing resources, platforms and business applications driving increased agility and lower costs.

However, Enterprises still largely connect to the Cloud via the public Internet, which can be insecure, unreliable and "best effort". Ampliphae allows enterprises to visualise and take control of their Cloud network, making it more predictable, dynamic and agile.

Cloud-Based Agility. On-Premise Performance

As more business applications are being consumed in SaaS or Cloud-Based Models, users still expect the performance and high availability they have become accustomed to with applications hosted in the corporate datacenter.

Ampliphae's unique and powerful network analytics engine dynamically classifies and prioritises business-critical traffic flowing to and from the Cloud, delivering significant performance benefits to Enterprise IT managers and business application users.

Premium Cloud Networking for Critical Business Services

Critical business processes increasingly depend on public/hybrid Cloud and SaaS services, but corporate Wide Area Networks have not kept pace. Service Providers need to differentiate and offer network services that enhance Cloud.

Ampliphae exposes deep insights into end-customer network services, identifying and analysing critical Cloud and SaaS services. Ampliphae’s deep analytics and machine learning bring simple and reliable automated self-service to the WAN for the first time.